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I love everything about this.

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Thanks, that’s sweet :)

I laughed so loud at this :P

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Adore this man. I realize it’s not always true, I have my crazy ex stories for sure and I know plenty of men who had every reason to fear their female exes, but I’m glad he chose to make this point.

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A different kind of cissexism.

I think this is just ignorance. Some people want to be accepting but just don’t know what they’re doing, don’t know the facts. I’d like to think such people have good intentions but are just confused and uncomfortable in their own confusion.

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Again the media won’t this…stay strong brother ✊

Yes, this is true. Residents have been cleaning up the streets of Ferguson everyday since the protests started 10-11 days ago. There are also people volunteering at the local library to teach children.

This is perfect because so many people just see them as “angry, black kids”. They’ve been so dehumanized. We need more and more and more posts like this showing us the full dimensionality of these people.

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Featured on Offbeat Bride (Lora Mae Photography)

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This is fucking glorious!


How freaking much of a coincidence is this????


This is a good thing.

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how the bi-bros get fit quick

I think this is the first thing I’ve ever seen with bi guys on it ever. I love it.


how the bi-bros get fit quick

I think this is the first thing I’ve ever seen with bi guys on it ever. I love it.

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Are you fucking kidding me? How fucking offensive is this shit?

in this weeks episode: “in the past we stormed your country, now we decided to steal your culture and traditions instead.”

and actual sikh man got ran the fuck over and dragged for 30 feet bc he was in a turban (and this is only one instance in the mile long list of hate crimes) but somehow this is okay?


Turbans were actually worn in America many years ago until they fell out of style. They are not specific to Muslim culture and have not been for many years. In fact, bringing them back into vogue, could be beneficial as there would be (in some cases) less assumption about a person being a Muslim and more judging a person on other more important merits. Furthermore, it helps connect Muslim culture to American culture, erasing the line between them that causes so much hatred. Here is a link to support my statement that they were worn in America before now. If you look up images of women, especially actresses, from the 30s and 40s, you’ll see that it was incredibly popular and common.

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This man




lets anyone


drive him.


He literally


is always


the one in the drivers seat.


He has a chauffeur 


that he drives. 

And then I realized…


There’s probably


good reason


for that. 

That went from shocking to funny to depressing in the span of 5 seconds

But it’s such brilliance on the part of the directors.

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Romantic pairings, BROTPs, and platonic ships are all acceptable.

Bonus points if you include a NOTP.

But please mention if it’s a romantic, BROTP, platonic, or NOTP ship please!! I get confused easily lol.

Go ahead i am curious

This will be fun!

Do it for Eugene